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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Works for Me Wednesday

Thanks to Rocks in My Dryer for this awesome blog carnival. Here is what works for me:

I'm poor and I live with my parents and sisters. I don't have a job- I just babysit, saver, and wait for my birthday and Christmas to come around each year. However, I love to give personal, lovely gifts for my friends' birthdays. After, with all the putting up with my they do, they deserve a nice gift. :)

So here is how I give a lovely gift without spending too much: I buy small brown bags. They come in packs of five or so at Wal-Mart. Inside, I place a small but nice gift such as a necklace/earring set or a gift card. I either add stickers and tie some pretty ribbon on the top or I cut some lavender from our giant lavender bush outside and slip one in with the ribbon at the top and a small bouquet right inside. It adds a really pretty, personal touch without buying a huge, expensive gift plus a huge gift bag plus extra tissue paper.

I'm sure this is a very tried and true idea, but it works for me!

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